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My name is johnny anchundia calva we are manufacturers of accessories for potable water manufacture joints dresser from 250-1800 merge junctions dresser gray iron 73-250 we.


My name is Johnny Anchundia Calva we are manufacturers of accessories for potable water manufacture joints Dresser from 250-1800 merge junctions Dresser gray iron 73-250 we are manufacturers of PVC fittings, manhole covers, drains manufacture rubber gaskets for flanges and strips of 1/2 and 3/4.
We have more than 18 years in the market we have distributed materials in different parts More...
Duran- Coop Vida Nueva - Durán - Guayas - Ecuador
Rpte: Johnny Anchundia Calva

Cía. Transseydistec S.A.

Samanes 4 Av. Principal Isidro Ayora, MZ 1412 LOCAL 10, Referencia pasando almacenes TIA a 300 mts - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Natural products in Ecuador -
We made flour and crushed natural products such as nettle, paico, cat's claw, artichoke, ginger and various products by pedidis...

Indusaye -
It is a finished company that began 21 years ago in the Ecuadorian market, in the product production of cleaning like waxes, shampoo, soap, disinfectants,...

Comercial VI.PE.PA

Wholesale and retail of finished consumer products.

We specialize in bags, backpacks, portaternos tulasi and other equipment made ??with the best quality canvas and embroidery .
Clemente Ballen #2027 y Tulcan - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Modandina S.A.

Sale of Colombian clothes by catalogue. Inscribete free. Gains from 30%.
c.c. las vitrinas local 72 - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador


Printing of plastic bags for boutiques and stores. biodegradable - products and paper.
Av. de las America y Loja - Milagro - Guayas - Ecuador

Terraceramic´s -´s
Tiles offer the prestigious DECORTEJA, with over 40 years of experience, plus we offer natural stone cladding in different models, colors and models, floor gress,...

Decoraciones Metalicas

We manufacture products such as beds, bunk beds, modular (metal) with high quality and warranty.
Mapasingue Oeste calle 2da y av. 2da - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Induprotex Cia Ltda

Our firm Protex and its line of chemical products for concrete. We are not suppliers of asphalt, we are suppliers of additives for high performance for concrete and building materials More...
Km 11.5 Via Daule Parque Empresarial Sauce. - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Centro especializado en piojos Niños Felices

Lice toilet service with guaranteed products.
Guasmo sur Coop. Molina de Frank mz. 14 s 1 - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Natural medicine in Ecuador -
Apitherapy is the curative use of bee products: honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly, beeswax and venom. how we can help apitherapy. ...

Cleaning products in Ecuador
cleaning and disinfection of tanks. These 26 years of experience in cleaning, chlorinated pools, tanks and tanks: Residences, establishments, educational, commercial, oil fields and mining,...

Cartones "La Imagen de su Producto"

Our specialty is made of corrugated cardboard used as packaging solutions that provide security, ease of use and complement the good image of any product. We offer sheets and boxes More...
Av. Juan Tanca Marengo - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

Metalmecánica Tomalá

Microenterprise dedicated to metalworking and metal products manufacturing PVC
Besides initiating the sale, distribution of finished product for use in rubber Racks (industrial hangers).
Calle 34 y la L Sur, oeste de la ciudad. - Guayaquil - Guayas - Ecuador

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